We’re now into February, the winter here in Scotland is taking hold but the long hours of darkness that we suffer from in the northern hemisphere are slowly bringing to retract. Its time to start thinking about the 2018 season. I already have a couple races booked for the 2018 season; 70.3 Mallorca and 70.3 Edinburgh . I would still like something for the back end of the summer and after last years trip the 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga, I would love to go back to this event. However that is purely based on how I perform in my two 70.3 races. A full iron distance event is also something I’d like to target. At IM Florida in October I learned so much during the race regarding my performance that I’m eager to improve. With most things in life however you cant do everything and we’ll decide as a family later on the year what may be possible.

Training has started to get more structured after a break post Florida. I was still training but nothing too structured, just letting the body recover from its first full ironman. Now back to the grindstone again, logging the KMs in the pool, road and turbo. A positive so far is that I’ve remained consistent which is good, and feel as if I’m in a better condition compared to this point in 2017. One imporant item that we have changed around the year is to make a conscious effort to spend good quality family time together. I was guilty last year a squeezing this in between a bike ride, or run.

Myself and Julie both have a love for getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. So this year we’ve been out to forests, mountains, Lochs, just spending time in our unit- TeamBrems (Check out our Instagram:@TeamBrems.Sportive to follow the fun).

This is the first year in a long time that we haven’t headed off to the Rockies for some winter fun after Christmas. After a crazy year in 2017, which included taking three trips to the States. We decided to take a year off and hopefully head back to the mountains when Harrison turns 3 in 2019. Last year we were incredibly lucky to have our delayed honeymoon in our favourite spot, Colorado, two weeks on great snow and lots of fun.

OFZR9871.JPGPow Day-Steamboat Springs, Jan 2017

With the record snow fall that the Alps are getting just now its been pretty hard to take that we aren’t heading away this winter. One shining light has been that after several years of Scotland getting next to no snow, the hills here have actually had some decent fall. Don’t get me wrong the ski centres here are nothing in comparison to the Rockies, or Alps, but on the right day you can still have a ton of fun.  Glenshee (Scotland’s largest ski area) is just over an hours drive away for us so is pretty handy. Harrison now has his first snowboard thanks to Santa.  The Burton Riglet is an amazing tool for getting kids used to balancing themselves and moving sideways. H loves being towed around the kitchen on it, while Julie is on hand with her board to influence him further.


Bedtime boarding lesson before heading the hills- Dec 17

Getting him used to the snow has been really cool. We head up for a morning of sledging, snowmen and trying him on the Riglet.


Glenshee Penguin – Jan 17

Living on the edge of the Cairngorms allows us to escape most weekends, either to ski centres if we have snow,  a loch , or trails with the bikes. We think its really important that H is used to being outside and active. He has certainly loving all the variety he’s getting outside in the fresh air.IMG_0274

‘Faster Daddy’ Glen Tanner – Feb 17 

Something new to this years training has been a new training partner for my Saturday morning rides. Julie is now joining me. While out at IM Florida in October she was inspired while at the awards breakfast in the morning post race. It was hard not to be seeing age groupers still being competitive into their 50’s and 60’s it was incredibly impressive.  I also think she fancied racing in the sunshine and swimming in turquoise waters.

Coming from a competitive swimming background i’ve no it wont take her long at all to become pretty handy at this, she’s easily going to be a front pack swimmer. She has a couple 70.3 races in mind for the future, but for the moment just focusing on cycling on a road bike for the first time, and starting to run consistently for the first time.  We’ve been out the past few Saturdays, comfortably getting 50Km, with the obligatory coffee stop of course. Harrisons Grandparents have been taking turns on the baby sitting duties allowing us to get out. Its been great fun, and we’re getting to spend some time together which is a nice bonus.


Blue Skies, FREEZING Jan 18

Thats about all for now folks…. Drop us a note if you have any questions, let me know where you’re racing this summer?

Julie is in charge on @TeamBrems.Sportive on insta so give it follow….

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