So here we go, summer 2017

So here we go, I’m starting a blog…. Thought about this for a while now, and now that the whole Ironman journey for our family is in full swing it seems the right time to begin.

Firstly, who is Team Brems? easy, that’s our family; My wife Julie and our son Harrison.IMG_2728

Mrs B and HB Rockin their hats in Snowmass, CO this year

Where did this crazy journey all begin?

Well both myself and my wife were extremely competitive in our chosen sports at a younger age; Julie was an International swimmer as a teenager and i played semi-professional football (soccer) for over 10 year.  After retiring from our sports you sail along the river of life, college, job, settle down, married, children. It can be tough to remain on top of your healthy lifestyle and fitness. However we are more active now than we have ever been, in better shape and loving every minute of it.  Even more so as we get to share this with our son. As a result it is even more important to stay healthy and set an example of what can be achieved with a bit of work.

I started triathlon in 2016, it started with sprint distance purely to see if i could actually do it, especially having never been a swimmer, and is now just part of our lifestyle. In May this year i took part in my first Ironman 70.3 triathlon in Mallorca, the whole experience was mind blowing and i was fully hooked. At 5:30hr my time was semi-respectable for a first attempt at the distance. The main outcome from the day was that i had to do more.  The race Mallorca was one of those days when everything just goes to plan. The swim in the bay of Alcudia (my first sea swim) couldn’t have gone any better and coming out of the water sub 35min was unexpected. I got through T1 without a problem, then the bike course was a route i was comfortable having visited the island the last few years for cycling training. The run, which will never be a strength for me was great, super hot, but three 7Km loops that were lined with fans made it really enjoyable!


Getting ready for T2, IM Mallorca 70.3 

What made the whole event even better was the fact that we did this as a family, we made a weeks holiday out of the trip with a another family who had a fellow competitor. From Julie and Harrison being down on the beach for the start of the swim getting fully immersed in the race atmosphere to seeing ‘Team Brems’ on each lap of the run was great, evening getting high five from H at one point, not bad for a 14 month old.


H after the race in the Athlete Village, IM Mallorca 70.3

Better was to come a few months later.

We were fortunate that for the first time here in Scotland we were hosting an Ironman event, in and around Edinburgh. It had the potential to be a great course. Unfortunately the weather on the day made the conditions extremely tough, the sea state on race morning was brutal and the race director cut the swim to 950m, the bike resulted in 60Km into the cutting head wind, with some horrific road conditions in some sections, then the run was three times up Arthurs Seat a dormant Volcano in the heart of the city) All three combined contributed to a tough day which resulted in many DNFs. Some how i got through it all, and i think after the result of a pretty solid block of training in the build up i was able to place 44th in my age group (35-39).

At the insistance  of Julie we went along to the awards/roll down.  The roll down gives out sport at the IM 70.3 World Championships. Unlike the IM World Championships which are in Kona, Hawaii every October the 70.3 WC rotate, This year they are in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Each age group receives spots based upon how my athletes from the group were competing, 35-39 was getting 6 spots to the Worlds this was huge. One we got to our group we were called forward and the roll down commenced. Amazingly i got the 4th spot, and in the blink of an eye we were booked for Tennessee in September.


A brutal day in Edinburgh, all worth while. IM 70.3 Edinburgh

A slot for the World Championships may never come around again so it was something we had to take. It just made the tail end of the season even more intense, on the back of Mallorca we had committed to my first full distance Ironman; Ironman Florida, in November.

Fro these events training has been going really well, i’ve joined up with Total Endurance here in Aberdeen and the program we’ve set out is helping maintain my focus. Julie is now getting involved in the act as well and getting her swimming juices flowing again. We have a fantastic purpose built open water swimming loch 15mins from our house and we’ve now joined up for swimming sessions at the weekend. One swims, the other entertains H.


Harrison keeping an eye on Mummy, Knockburn Loch

So with two trips to the states coming up for events, Team Brems are going on tour again….

Did i mention that i’m completing my final project for my MBA during this also???

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